Debbie keeps pinching me!

I’m getting pinched a lot these last few weeks. Oh, I’m not complaining. I know why it happens, although I’m surprised initially whenever I’m pinched by anyone. But I know Debbie never would intentionally hurt me. She must have a purpose in pinching me, right?

The weather has been delightful for walking, using the outdoor swimming pool or whirlpool, and just hanging around outside. The weather is excellent for golf or tennis, even in the cooler mornings. How is sleeping through cool nights? The best! We snuggle together under three blankets and love the cool weather.

Picking fresh pineapple oranges near Okeechobee, FL

Picking fresh pineapple oranges near Okeechobee, FL

Last Saturday I went a few miles north of Okeechobee with friends and picked buckets of tangerines and pineapple oranges. The fruits are the juiciest and tastiest I’ve ever had and are all the sweeter for our picking them ourselves from the trees. We filled three 5 gallon buckets full in no time at all and are eating juicy tasty fresh fruit every day.

It’s a little cold in Okeechobee, Florida, this week. We couldn’t get on the golf course greens until 1000 hours this morning because of the frost. The outside temperature is a chilly 50 degrees Farenheit at 2100 hours this evening. You can see, no doubt, this is pretty chilly weather. Right? Oh, but the high temperature today was approximately 70 degrees. And tomorrow and the next day promise to be a little nicer. No complaints about the weather.

We’ve had enough bright sunlight each day we’ve kept our 12 volt system fully charged with only the solar panels except in the coldest weather. [Long running of the furnace at night is improved by using the 110v/12v converter charger.]

I think we’ve had two rainfalls, and one or two very windy days. So the weather is great. If you haven’t bought one you really need to purchase a weather alert radio. We’ve had no severe weather since we bought it. No guarantees, of course — no one would dare jeopardize this delicate affair. But it’s hard to argue with success.

Enjoying Berns Steak House Dessert Room in Tampa FL

Enjoying Berns Steak House Dessert Room in Tampa FL

We drove up to Tampa last Wednesday to attend the RV Supershow (it was soooo huge, I’ll write about it separately) and dined at Berns Steak House. Here’s a picture of Debbie and me, after dinner and a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar, sitting in the Harry Waugh Dessert Room upstairs in Berns. Pretty great.

Let’s summarize. We’re on a level paved lot in a peaceful community away from, but near enough to, a small town with essential services. We are surrounded by, and making friends with, wonderful people from all over North America who choose to be here now.

The weather is near perfect and the days and nights are beautiful. We’re exercising and eating fresh food daily, most of it grown locally. Many days we are walking twice daily. We’re in love and spending wonderful time together, in our very very cool Airstream trailer.

Debbie, pinch me again, so I’ll know this is real!


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