Wanna buy a Vintage Airstream Argosy?

Our vintage 1979 Argosy 7.3 Minuet, Snow White, is available. Yep, we’re putting Snow White out on the street. We’ve never even slept in her, no cups of tea, not even an afternoon relaxing in this cute 24 feet long beauty. I’d love to keep her and customize to our wants. But it just can’t happen for us. She’s really svelte and sweet and tows like a dream. But we neither have room nor time for Snow White in our lives.

Snow White Argosy 24T

Snow White Argosy 24T

This is partially a farewell to dreams and partially an advert. We adopted Snow White (well, actually purchased her, but can you own a dream?) a year ago. She would become our African coach for the 2009 Airstream trip from Capetown to Cairo. Debbie and I signed on for this trip in 2006 and, after a year’s search, found Snow White in Michigan. Snow White is from Alabama but spent part of one year in Michigan with an Airstream couple also planning for the African caravan.

Alas, the Capetown to Cairo Caravan will not occur in 2009. This was to be a repeat, of sorts, of the 1959 trip by the same name. Wally Byam, inventor of Airstreams and founder of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, organized and led the seven-month long 14,000 mile trip in 1959 from Capetown to Cairo. We sometimes wonder at the perception of increasing world danger against the increasing scope of world news bringing violence into our living rooms.

Just how does one adjust for the increased percentage of violent occurrences now reported, even as they occur, compared to the number of unreported but otherwise similar occurrences fifty years ago? In this context we tried to convince ourselves the situation in Africa might, to some extent, be a creation of our media machinery. After all, citizens of other countries still vacation in Africa. Or so we’ve read. Nonetheless, the pervasive armed attacks throughout much of Africa took its toll on this great planned 2009 adventure.

Other factors played too, although these may have been inextricably linked to the dangers of violent factions and unrest. What major sponsor would want to be associated with a massacred group of innocent travelers from afar? Will fuel prices drive excessively high the cost of shipping the trailers from North America to Capetown? There were too many high-stake variables, not enough tricks in our bags.

Our full-timing lifestyle doesn’t encourage collecting things. Well, collecting large things is out. I collect tie-wraps from parking lots and campsites because I regularly use them. We collect quarters for use in laundromats and newspaper boxes. We collect stories and pictures, and store them in our hard drives. We collect very little else. We’re absent those little curio shelves you enjoy browsing in other people’s homes. And we lack a garage or storage bay for the Argosy, Snow White.

Restoring her would be a joy, and taking Snow White out for jaunts (or beyond) would be wonderful. She shows so much promise. Good running gear, great body, nice interior. Just needs tlc to bring her back to prime. We still move around too often to want to do all this. Our lifestyle, while admittedly settling down some, revolves around moving every month or three. And we haven’t wanted to take on any projects since we decided to begin full-timing.

Someone else will have the enjoyment of seeing Snow White restored to their specification. And they can, in bargain, exercise full naming rights. Ted and Dottie named her Snow White, and I’ve just never been any good at all with nicknaming things so Snow White she has remained. We’ve posted pictures on Air Forums and you should be able to hit the photos here. (Just our “Snow White” captioned pictures)

A few specifications may help:

  • Model is 24T, twenty-four feet length, twin beds,
  • Fully self-contained
  • New roof-top a/c and upgraded Dometic 4.0 cf fridge
  • Front dinette, rear shower/lavatory/toilet
  • Reese weight-distributing hitch and anti-sway
  • Two 30# propane cylinders
  • All original storage containers under dinette and beds
  • All original finish flipper door panels
  • Water heater not working, everything else okay.
  • I know you cannot stand the temptation to email and tell me, “We’ll take her, and $6,000 is a bargain!” Just do it! I’d love to hear from you and Snow White would love to meet you.


    2 responses to “Wanna buy a Vintage Airstream Argosy?

    1. Is Snow White still available?

      • Valerie, Thanks so much for reading our blog and asking about Snow White. Sorry for you but we are happy to report she found a new home in Victoria, BC. She is getting a total makeover and we are looking forward to her debut.

        Thanks again for asking and good luck finding your own Snow White.

        Jim & Deb

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