Myrtle Beach in November

We’re the last one standing. Within a period of three hours, from 8:00 Sunday morning until just after 11:00, the other twenty-one Airstream trailers and one Airstream motorhome pulled out of Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our Airstream club, Carolinas Unit of NC, gathers every month to share hugs, meals, and stories. Many members are retired, some are working. And all enjoy staying at the beach for a November weekend of beautiful weather, fresh seafood, and catching up with one another.

The Airstreamers’ parking sites were vacant as little as fifteen minutes before new arrivals motored in. Like yard sale shoppers, other campers almost immediately filed into the spaces closest to the ocean. Some people are camped in Ocean Lakes for the winter. They don’t want to spend their entire time too close to the ocean or they didn’t make their reservations early enough (18 months ago) to secure the prime spot for more than an occasional week. These campers move a few hundred yards and have new neighbors and a new view. A week later they migrate a few hundred yards further from the ocean. The ocean-side sites are in high demand.

Early this year we reserved our site through today, two days after the rally ended. We like the quiet time after a rally. Just us. Cook a meal and enjoy eating in our Airstream together, talking and relaxing. Plans for the day are simple. Eat, read, walk. Repeat. Go to bed.

We walked the perimeter of the campground yesterday, a three-mile walk. The walk took us just over an hour and was interesting. We saw unimproved lots with an old travel trailer or mobile home, or lots with a deck or shed built against a trailer. We counted on one hand the number of unimproved lots, with a mobile home and no other improvements on the lot.

Many of the homes show clear evidence of a single-wide mobile home totally enclosed by siding and a roof. Only the windows give away the truth. And leave us wondering why so many people did not pull the mobile (or not so mobile?) home away and stick-build. Is this a manifestation of the Abilene Paradox? Or is disposition of the mobile home plus establishing a new foundation just not worthwhile?

The beach is nice in November. And, perhaps, all the other months too. We like this month because the days are warm enough without being hot. The nights are cool but not cold. The beaches and surf are just as lovely as always. There are no crowds, anywhere. We’ll return to the beaches some November.


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