Myrtle Beach

We’re in Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s a grey and windy evening and sixty degrees outside. We’re sitting snugly inside our Airstream drinking a pot of tea and reading and browsing. Outside our flags are flapping noisily and flying straight out in a full breeze. We can hear, above the wind noises, the waves pounding on the beach.

Our Airstream Club’s November rally starts two days from now, on Thursday. The Club expects over forty attendees renewing friendships and telling tales. We’ll have golf, kite flying, bingo, meals, social hours, meetings, and other activities for the attendees. Debbie and I enjoy these gatherings as an opportunity to see old friends and catch up on news.

A month’s stay in my in-law’s driveway has been wonderful for us. And, we hope, gratifying for them too. We’ve shared two or three meals daily, gone together to the YMCA for workouts two times weekly, gone to a high school football game, attended a Masonic Lodge function, and spent time in the evenings visiting. Debbie’s parents go to their church and we explore a different local Methodist church each week.

We conduct whatever business we need to, take long walks, and work on our little projects. We really enjoy being around them and in their house. The house is sufficiently large we can find separate spaces or we can all comfortably sit in the den together. Deb has been doing some needlepoint each evening. I read or write until the nine p.m. amateur radio Nets. I spend up to an hour on amateur radio then rejoin the family in their den for a little while before bedtime.

And Debbie and I sleep in the Airstream in our own bed every night and marvel at how cozy our Airstream is. We hear rain and leaves falling on the trailer. We feel the wind, gently rocking our trailer side to side. We see little warm reflections of light throughout the interior from various l.e.d.s like the refrigerator panel indicator lights, and the bedroom clock’s red l.e.d. numerals. We like sleeping in our backpacking tents. A lot. And spending time or sleeping in the Airstream is way better still.

Why is this so much better than our previous favorite shelter, the backpacking tent? Tents provide us an excellent feel of the outdoors. You can hear every cricket, coyote, and songbird. You know you are sheltered from the cold and wet and wind. You can feel and see the wind, waving the tent’s walls. And we can take a tent almost anywhere we can walk. The Airstream trailer provides most of the benefits of sleeping outdoors plus we have an indoor bathroom and our bed is a ten inch thick mattress.

We’re glad to be mobile for the next two weeks. This keeps us in tune with our mobile selves, reminds us what we like about traveling around, and reminds us what things we need but may have left at the house. We’ll add these things to a list to make sure and bring them with us when we head out for longer trips in December. Absence from Kannapolis also will help us appreciate more the time we spend with Deb’s and my families. This is a good time for us to be away, and I’m glad we’re in Myrtle Beach.


One response to “Myrtle Beach

  1. Jim & Debbie,
    You’ve done some amazing travels so far and you still have so much to go. If you ever need to get away from the cold and the rain in the US, you are more than welcome to come to Dubai where I can promise it will be warm and the chances of rain are practically nil. Enjoy the road.

    Ben & Erin

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