What are our Routines?

We all do things as habits. We have our little systems or patterns to help us achieve consistent and predictable results. Accelerate as if an egg is between your foot and the accelerator pedal. Sleep at least eight hours nightly. Perform the numerous steps to hitch and unhitch the trailer and truck in the same order each time. Place things in their correct location. These are helpful routines we adopt because we believe we benefit from them. Some routines we learn from other people, test the method, and adopt it as a routine. Perhaps many routines we adopt unconsciously. Someone asks, “why do it this way?” and you sometimes have to answer, “I just do”. We all have routines.

Are we looking forward to establishing routines pertaining to our full-timing life? Even in our footloose lifestyle we already have routines. Most are good, some are less so. One of the good ones is seeking a local Methodist Church for Sunday worship, wherever we are. Another is learning about the area we are experiencing. We enjoy studying the history, geography, and other aspects of areas we visit.

We’re also dedicated to revamping less desirable routines. Don’t move the Airstream so often. Yes, it does have wheels. The wheels don’t have to continually move, and the Airstream and we both benefit from settling down a little between movements. Set our anchors a little deeper, when we can. Enjoy the area as fully as we can. Don’t overbook our calendar for disparate locations. Cancel our three reservations in Florida for this November and December, so we will already be in NC where we want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas. Travel less, explore more in our area, wherever it happens to be. We want to modify the habits we find are less consistent with our goals.

Keep in touch with friends and family. Our favorite times to reflect on almost always center upon time with friends. A funny twist many of us recognize is how funerals reunite more family than weddings or other celebrations. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom paints an almost ideal way to get family and friends together BEFORE you die. Why miss all the sweet reminiscing because you don’t get around to visiting friends while you’re alive? Visit friends and family along our routes, and plan our routes to visit them.

Exercise more. Recertify our CPR and perhaps First Aid training. It’s not difficult, takes one weekend every two years to stay current in CPR training. Why wouldn’t you want to know how to help each other or friends in an emergency? These are good things to do.

Upgrade our amateur radio licenses. We learned this summer how useful and easy to use the radios can be, and how the radios led us to new friendships. Hopefully, the new licenses won’t be much more expensive than the license fees. We have all the radio equipment we need for now. Until I find something else I need, anyway. We like amateur radio and it keeps us learning.

Thoroughly sift through our belongings in the truck, the trailer, and in the Shaver’s basement. Evaluate every piece of clothing, every book, each cleaning fluid, and every piece of equipment. Do we use it? Do we need it? Is it really worth it’s weight? Move it to our storage unit if we think we may use it another time, or get rid of it if we don’t use it. Let’s simplify our life.

We are list makers. We are planners. We assess and reassess what we do and what we plan. These behaviors are the basis of many of our routines and activities. The biggest change is in trying to establish our new and slower lifestyle of full-timing. Stay longer where we land whenever we can. Reduce our overall mileage. Be where we want to be. Stop over-committing ourselves to be somewhere else. And, routinely Slow Down!

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  1. Very, very good!!!

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