A day off the road

It’s nice knowing we’re going to be in such a nice place for a zero day. Today received the newspaper this morning on our doorstep, had a cup of tea, did laundry, re-torqued the Airstream’s wheels, drained the no-longer-so fresh water tank, cleaned all the glass on both trucks, picked up groceries, replaced our small gas can with a safety (type 1) gas can, filled up the truck with $3.61/gal gas, took a swim, swept and cleaned the trailer interior, and caught up on email and writing.

Pretty darned good day! And it just got better and better. The high temperature was only mid-80s, and we had a very pleasant breeze all day. Debbie prepared us a dinner of baked tilapia, green beans, and salad. The RV resort was very quiet. So we made it to bed early to prepare for tomorrow’s drive eastward. We’ll be driving over Tehachapi Pass and several other mountain ranges, into the Mojave Desert.

We’ll watch our fuel consumption closely to make sure we match our needs with the somewhat more sparse refueling locations of the southwest. We don’t expect much of a problem with our truck’s 450 mile cruising range but the Ford F-250 diesel only has a 29 gallon tank. So, we’ll plan to stop every morning and refuel. We heard on NPR news this morning some isolated reports of gasoline shortages. Hopefully these will sort out before we are in the affected areas.

For now, we had a really nice day in Bakersfield, enjoying much more pleasant weather than our August visit here.

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