Playdate with Ellie

I'm a shopping girl!

I'm a shopping girl!

We told Kelsey and Stephen we would love if Ellie could stay with us two days while we’re in Vancouver. We kept her one night at their apartment 18 months ago and they took our hotel room for the night. Don’t know how they did, but we enjoyed the visit and Ellie was wonderful with us. Ellie joined us yesterday afternoon for a shopping trip to find some good tea. Ellie’s only stipulation was, she wanted to see toys. The Bay Store (you know, Hudsons Bay Company?) had only clothes and baby toys. Debbie and Ellie enjoyed modeling some stylish things but found nothing they wanted to buy. Ellie still wanted to see a store with toys. And Debbie hoped we’d find some picture discs for Ellie’s “SuperLight” (ViewMaster)

Zeller’s is a small department store. The clerk, roughly our age, had never seen or heard of the ViewMaster. We checked the shelves just to make sure. Debbie and Ellie did find two must-haves, a Fisher-Price Pop-Up Camping Set and a Dora puzzle. But no ViewMaster or discs. Exiting the mall we first entered a modern little toy store with some variety but emphasizing electronic games. The young clerk lit up brightly — “You have one of those?”, he asked. “Yes, as a matter of fact”, we told him, “we just bought it three weeks ago in northern California and are still hoping to find picture discs for it”. He thought it very cool we had one at all, and even more it is new. “You’re so lucky to have it, I wish I had one”, he told us. Our hopes of finding the picture discs dimmed slightly, but we’ll look online for them.

Ellie was holding up well and looking forward to playing with her new toys, so we thought we could wedge in one more shopping. We made a brief tour through Safeway for milk, orange juice, and a few other basics, then were on our way home. Our RV park is in North Vancouver, not quite seven miles from Kelsey’s and Stephen’s apartment. Each trip to their home we fully traverse Vancouver’s pretty downtown and the Lion’s Gate Bridge and all the road and underground construction on Cambie Street. Vancouver neighborhoods often have signs announcing, “Traffic Calming Measures in Effect”. Usually these entail round-abouts, speed-bumps, local-traffic-only areas, and I don’t know what else.

This'll slow the traffic

This'll slow the traffic

We’ve decided Cambie may be the biggest Vancouver traffic calming. Four or five lanes are down to just barely two while, for the second year, as they complete installation of a new rail underground before the 2010 Winter Olympics. For all the mess, they seem to have done a great job keeping the flow of cars and buses. Traffic was getting busier in Vancouver on this Friday afternoon, we dealt with a lot of Cambie St, and Ellie’s trip from the Mall to our camper took a little while. I looked in the rear view after we crossed downtown and she was fast asleep. We had worn her out! So we drove around North Vancouver a little to look at the neighborhoods before we pulled into Capilano RV Park.

Playing with her FP camper set with grandmommy

Playing with her FP camper set with grandmommy

Debbie and Ellie walked around the RV Park awhile and I worked on a very small project in the truck cab. Ellie returned very excited to have discovered, in the RV Park, a baby Airstream (a 19′ Bambi International). And she wanted nothing but to play with her Fisher Price camper set.

One response to “Playdate with Ellie

  1. Sorry to see the pics with damage to the “camper”. I know you hate that, as you are always so careful and take great pride in your special home. I guess it could be worst, and this can be fixed. Just another adventure to have. (Hey, do I see in the reflection of your shiny home, of a Tattoo sign. Now I know what you and Deb were doing. Getting a CMC Tree of Life tattoo?)

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