Vancouver is cool, man

The contrast from Bakersfield to Vancouver, BC is stark. Well, actually anywhere inland California is a stark contrast to Vancouver, I guess. This morning is dewey, cool, and mostly cloudy. The humidity (we’d forgotten all about humidity) is over 80 percent. The high temperature was in the 60s today, and the lows are in the low 50s (Farenheit, that is).

Another delightful difference is the pedestrian privileges at intersections everywhere. Turning traffic at traffic signals downtown is halted at length, sometimes, while all the lunch-seeking pedestrians cross with the light. Flashing traffic signals indicate a “pedestrian controlled” signal wherein the light only changes for pedestrian requests, not for cars on the intersecting street. Pedestrians seem to outnumber cars in Vancouver, and it seems so darned healthy. Except it’s also very practical because parking is tough to get and gas is normally over $5.50 per US gallon.

The very best difference about Vancouver, though, is the little family we’re here to visit. We were last here when Eleanor was eighteen months. Now, a year later, she is thirty months and a lot of fun. She and Debbie have hit it off wonderfully. Eleanor loves her grandmommy and is enjoying her greatly.

Debbie and Kelsey on the patio

Debbie and Kelsey on the patio

Oh, how could I forget? We finally unloaded the furniture we’ve carried in the truck almost 8,000 miles since we left High Point June 5. Stephen and I put the dresser into Ellie’s room, and we’re going to assemble the bed for Ellie later this week. Kelsey and I mounted a large mirror in their apartment, and Kelsey, Debbie, Eleanor, and I walked all around the neighborhood.

People walk in Vancouver. They walk a lot. When in Vancouver, do as they do? We love walking and look forward to plenty of it while here. It’s the best way to see this cool place.


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