New experiences

Yesterday is most remarkable for Ann’s release from the hospital. We had a new experience first, though. We took Pepper (their miniature schnauzer) to the groomer for her haircut and other spa treatments any little girl puppy should have. Debbie and I had neither one done this before, so it was a little comical as we tried to describe what we thought we were supposed to have done for her. “Okay, what’s included again in the total grooming package?” Pepper was great and pretty calm, considering the environment, so we left for the hospital to check on Jerry and Ann.

Ann has been very anxious to get out of the hospital and start resting at home or anywhere else but the hospital. We found her sitting up, preparing to don her street clothes. One last IV bag, a couple visits from staff members, receive her discharge instructions, and Ann is ready to leave by early afternoon. We walk out with her, get her into their truck, then we scoot over to pick up Pepper then meet Jerry and Ann at their camper. Pepper displayed unbounded excitement seeing Ann for the first time in over a week. Ann now has one mission: rest.

So many experiences come and go without challenging or, perhaps, significantly expanding us. Getting Pepper into, and out of, the grooming spa was a little interesting and a funny experience. No big deal for either of us, taking someone’s dog for a little clipping. Sometimes we choose experiences we wouldn’t avoid for anything but we can wish didn’t happen. Having our good friends in a very precarious situation so far from home has been a scary and difficult experience. Our fellow Airstreamers all over the country offered help and prayers for Jerry and Ann. Many were able to drive to Bakersfield and visit and offer hugs. Jerry and Ann needed support and we feel richer for having seen how everyone rallied to help.


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