Labor Day 2008

This was our first Labor Day as full-timers. We spent it at the Bakersfield RV Resort, and dedicated ourselves to not causing anyone else to labor on our behalf. Sort of a zero day, in the backpacker jargon, where we just relax and enjoy the day.

We started the day reading Sunday’s and Monday’s daily papers (whoops, people labored today to get it to us) and enjoying a gloriously cooler day than the preceding several. I enjoyed watching Querry push Nadal hard in the US Open, and following the hurricane’s attack on the Gulf Coast. And we couldn’t help but notice the quick reduction in population at this RV resort.

We spent several days here last week before everyone piled in for the weekend. Friday, before Labor Day, the park visitor population went from around 40 to perhaps 400. So today, we experienced a large sucking sound as everyone left, returning to their communities and jobs and schools. I’ll be able to swim laps diagonally in the swimming pool again, and there will be a lot less noise and activity around us. The RV resort is well-designed to accommodate the larger crowds so we never felt any problems from the great number of people here. But like a college town during summer break, it’s nice to have the place a little more to ourselves again.

Deb invited our friends, Jerry and Ann, to have dinner with us the next couple evenings. Jerry is very hopeful Ann will be discharged sometime tomorrow, and we offered to pick up some groceries for him and also so we could fix dinner for them. So we headed to the grocery store (whoops, more people labored on our behalf) after visiting the hospital this evening. We left the grocery store late and drove after dark to the RV resort. It’s funny, in almost four years of towing we have towed the trailer after dark only once (leaving Oregon last week at 5:00 a.m. for Bakersfield) and only rarely drive after dark.

We saved several errands for


Labor Day like buying gas for the truck, project supplies from Home Depot, haircuts for both of us, grooming for Ann’s & Jerry’s schnauzer, and a few things from Camping World. Today was a nice day for hanging out around the RV resort, staying cool, and relaxing. And we did our best to minimize anyone else laboring for us.


2 responses to “Labor Day 2008

  1. You didn’t do it today but many times in the recent past you have referred to your rolling home as a ‘camper’. Full-timers refer to their homes as ‘the rig’, ‘my RV’ or some pet name but not ‘the camper’. You are not camping; you are living. You might refer to your ‘home’ as MY AIRSTREAM; it’s accepted and admired.

  2. Yeah, we’re still conflicted about what to call it. You caught me red-handed on this one. You’re probably right, but for now I’m more comfortable calling it a camper. Thanks for the observation!

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