Chasing 75 Degrees?

Why chase 75F degree climates? I’ve talked about how hot Bakersfield can be but didn’t mention how our air conditioner deals with it. Today it’s over 104 outside and our camper’s air conditioning has been running full blast since 0830 hours. We’ve done our best to keep the door closed and kept all the shades and curtains pulled. The indoor temperature climbed after lunch to a maximum of 86F degrees, and stayed there until almost dark. Some campers have extra insulation and other provisions to allow all-weather use. We understand, from experience, our camper is not designed for weather temperature extremes. Chasing 75 degrees is a good premise for us.

We’re glad the forecast for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is for cooler nights and less hot days. We’ve spent time in places more than twenty degrees cooler than 75 and experienced no difficulty maintaining the camper at 75 inside. But we have only one air conditioner. Our camper is factory-equipped with electric strip-heat in the roof unit and a gas-fired furnace ducted throughout the camper. To these we added a ceramic “cube” heater and a gas-fired catalytic heater. Who woulda thought we’d camp in over 100F degree temperatures? You can’t always chase after ideal conditions, and we can enjoy even this hot weather. We’ll chase 75 degrees another time.


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