If you are going to be somewhere, let it be like this

Seven of us gathered well after sunset tonight to visit at the outdoor lounge near the pool. Management turned on the mist foggers to cool the patio, and

Great looking swimming pool

Great looking swimming pool

we ordered resort beverages (adult, you know?). It was very pleasant to sit and sip and chat with one another, completely relaxed. We talked awhile about what drew us all to Bakersfield, the heart attack of our eighth member. While she is recovering in the seemingly very capable Bakersfield Heart Hospital, we are all quietly trying to deal with staying here. Our prime mission is to help plan for, and provide comfort to, Jerry while Ann is in the hospital. We’ve divided up doggy duty for their miniature schnauzer, Pepper. And we are watching Jerry like a hawk to be sure he is eating and taking care of himself.

This all seems to be working well, in great part, due to the Bakersfield RV Resort. This is the nicest rv resort we’ve stayed in, anywhere. There may be some nicer ones but we haven’t seen them. The resort is owner-operated and you can see readily the owners are paying daily attention to everything. This is, for sure, the off-season but you’d never know it for the way the resort is taking care of operations and facilities. Everything is running and all services are available. We asked the bar last night their hours. They responded, as long as you want us to stay. This embodies the spirit of servitude we have sensed from the time we arrived. Very accommodating, friendly, and helpful.

Today we found the laundry room and fitness room. At least a dozen very clean washers and as many dryers are in a spotless and air-conditioned laundry room. The fitness room sports a treadmill, weight machines, stretching balls, and exercise mats. The swimming pool and whirlpool are in a very attractive fenced patio area and are treated with misting foggers to cool people, as in the lounge.

We haven’t tried the restaurant but expect it will be as excellent as everything else. This family-owned rv resort seems to have thought of almost everything and executed it with class. The friendly management and staff at Bakersfield RV Resort are making our stay in this very hot Southern California climate very comfortable. They are helping us help Jerry, Ann, and Pepper. We appreciate it a lot. We hope we find other resorts as nice as this. And, we hope this resort does well. They sure seem to be trying hard in all the right ways.


One response to “If you are going to be somewhere, let it be like this

  1. So sorry for Ann, and Jerry. I feel them as close friends too, hearing about them during your travels and journal. They, and you two, are in my prayers. I know what you mean about that “dry heat”. I lived in San Bernardino CA for 7 years. But we felt sorry for the folks in Bakersfield, saying how and why do they do it. Man, I never seen it melt plastic before. Make it was more from the contents of the hose than the exterior. What have ya’ll been eatting?

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