There may be a hotter place

We’re in the desert, in Bakersfield, Ca. The morning newspaper’s weather data included the seasonal rainfall total — zero. Seasonal rainfall last year? Trace. The temperatures are 103 degrees daily this week. The big news, for us? A low temperature forecast for Saturday night of 70 degrees. Our air conditioner is holding its own, thankfully. Otherwise, we’d be really camping. We’re so spoiled by our fully-equipped rolling home.

The RV Resort swimming pool closed yesterday for two days. Good grief. They offered us the hot tub, which I thought was really laughable since the daytime outdoor temperature has stayed close to 100. I don’t know, maybe the hot tub would make us feel cooler when we got out? Not very much, though, I don’t think. I much prefer a nice cool swimming pool instead. We’ll be in line Friday morning to enjoy the pool when it opens.

Our truck had its oil and filter change today at the dealership in Bakersfield. I was leary of having mechanical procedures done on our truck away from home. But since home is on the road now, I’ll have to adapt. This is our second time on the road to have the truck’s oil and filter changed, and I’m getting used to it. The Chevy dealership here, like the one in Bozeman, Mt, runs a quick-lube shop in the dealership. We’re again pleased with the service we received and impressed with how they organize and run their service. The truck is good for 3,000 to 5,000 miles before another service.

Just self-destructed in the midday sun

Just self-destructed in the midday sun

How hot is it in Bakersfield? We asked the food and beverage manager tonight if the high temperatures we’ve experienced these past few days are normal. He said for daytimes 100 degrees is completely within the normal range through August, and after 18 years he still isn’t really accustomed to it. He’s glad to be working indoors. The Annual Kern County Fair is coming up soon, and he said every year they seem to have at least one day hitting at 100 degrees. Yeah, but remember. This is dry heat so it’s not the same. Right? Tell that to my sewer hose! We were away from the camper six hours during midday today. When we returned, we found our sewer hose had disintegrated completely. Just shredded itself. Ironically, the packaging on the box for this ten feet long section of hose says, “Good for extreme weather”.

There may be hotter places, but we don’t think we want to stay many days there.


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