On our own, again

We left Arcata and our new friends and drove north toward Coos Bay. We decided we would take our time driving up the Pacific Coast on our way to Vancouver, BC. Our drive today was just under 200 miles through sometimes thick fog. The ocean was visible

Dipping her toes became a knee-deep experience

Dipping her toes became a knee-deep experience

throughout almost the entire drive, and we stopped once before leaving California to run to the beach and dip our toes. Okay, we planned to dip our toes. Before we knew it and quick wave ran up to greet us and soaked us above our knees. Jim wore shorts and was barefoot, but Deb was wearing khakis and a pair of Crocs. One of her shoes went off in the surf and she chased it down yelling and laughing. The water was very cool and the air was not much warmer, around 60F degrees. We sat on the camper’s back bumper and dried our feet and shoes before returning to the truck and driving into Oregon.

The truck wanted some gasoline, we wanted a rest break, and in Brookings, OR we found an optimal place for both. Fred Meyers in Broookings provided us a nice shopping break for Sunday paper, a small inverter, some plastic dishes, safety flares, and a few small grocery items. The inverter will allow us to charge and use the laptop, as well as other 110 volt electronic items, from our 12volt supply. The flares satisfy the minimum towing safety requirements of some states, according to our Rand McNally Atlas. We’re restocked and good for a few hundred more miles, at least.

We arrived early afternoon in Bullard Beach State Park, enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal in our camper, and watched Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in Something’s Got To Give. What a romantic movie! Rain started outside during the movie and continued through bedtime. So cozy!


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