The party’s over, my friends

Caravan final banquet

Caravan final banquet

We’ve traveled over 2,600 miles in seven weeks with 46 other caravanners in their fifteen Airstreams. We made many new friends, saw so many wonderful sights in faraway states and provinces, and have left many more things to visit later. The caravan celebrated our times together at a fun and festive farewell banquet tonight. Our time on this caravan is over tonight, and we will scatter to the winds. Some caravanners will stay additional days in Eureka, CA. Some are heading to Reno, Nevada. Others are heading to San Diego, some heading due east, and we’re turning north to visit Kelsey, Stephen, and Eleanor in Vancouver, BC.

Today was maintenance day to prepare us for a few thousand more miles. I cleaned, torqued, and greased the hitch parts, re-routed and sheathed the hitch jackpost wire to protect against chafing, sheathed the breakaway switch wires to protect against chafing, and adjusted the truck’s tire pressures. I topped off the batteries’ water with distilled water and tightened the battery connections. And I removed and remounted the propane cylinders to assure they are secure in their mounts. Tomorrow morning I will recheck the safety chains to assure they are appropriately tight under the hitch.

Oldest continuously serving vessel in USA

Oldest continuously serving vessel in USA

We enjoyed a cruise on Humboldt Bay this evening on the Madaket, the oldest vessel in continuous service in the United States. The vessel was a ferry for mill workers and their families making their daily trips around Humboldt Bay. The captain of our tour vessel narrated very well all the sights along the 90 minute journey, and our party had a great tour.

Eureka has been a fine stop. We, again, left plenty to do next time we are here. We spent too little time exploring Eureka and almost no time exploring Arcata. We covered the Avenue of the Giants very well, but ignored the beautiful surrounding countryside areas. And we would love to head south and explore more of the California coast. All great plans for another trip, but this one’s heading north to Vancouver, BC. Our wonderful caravan is over, we’ve thanked our leader, Phil Glassey, and said our farewells to our new friends. This party’s over, and we’re heading for another.

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