Those fabulous Redwoods, of course

Majestic Redwood Trees

Majestic Redwood Trees

I asked Debbie about what we should write today. “Those fabulous Redwoods, of course.” We spent our day riding on the Avenue of the Giants with Jerry and Ann Hall throughout the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Our first step into one of the Sequoia Sempervirens (Coast Redwood) groves impressed each of us with a strong sense of serenity and humility. No distracting noises. No birds, no squirrels, and any man-made noises dampened by a tremendous amount of acoustic matting on the ground. The deeply textured bark of these giant trees complements the sound-dampening of the forest floor. We felt a reverence for the more than 2,000 years some of these trees have endured and for their strong majesty. These are fabulous Redwoods.


2 responses to “Those fabulous Redwoods, of course

  1. Its interesting how each grove is different. I enjoy from Humboldt Redwoods near Rockefeller Forest, and northward.

    Prairie Creek seems to have more of certain birds that almost sound tropical. Hard to explain. But its nice.

    Redwood National Park is a favorite too.

    Cheers ~ MDV

    • Mario,
      You are the PhD of redwoods, surely. I enjoyed my first (and certainly not last) look at the redwoods page of your website here.

      We’ll have another opportunity later this year to scout out redwood groves. Your website’s redwood page will help us understand much better what we are looking at.

      Thanks for sharing a little of your very wide knowledge of redwood groves.

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