The really big old trees are here

We drove through some of the redwood forests in northern California today. These apparently are not even the big ones and the trees were tremendous. It makes me wonder a bit. Surfers see a big wave and want to ride it. Bicyclists see a beautiful road trail and want to pedal it. Swimmers see water and want to get in it. Sailors see a wind and want to fill a sail. Chocoholics see chocolate and want to eat it. What do loggers think when they see virgin forest like these redwoods and sequoias? Oh, and if these trees survived 3,000 years without it why did they need to have Lady Bird Johnson’s name on one of the groves?

Arch Rock

Arch Rock

Our drive today took us along Oregon’s and California’s coast on Highway 101. There were turnouts for overlooks every few miles, and each one we checked was better than the last. We took a few pictures, notably of Arch Rock near Brookings, Oregon, and some of the beaches just inside California’s northern border with Oregon. Just stupendous scenery. The weather as we left Coos Bay was clearing and still in the low 60F degrees, and as the day progressed we climbed briefly to high sixties then finally to 71F in Arcata, CA.


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