Like a rolling stone

This morning we had 55 degrees and bright skies. We drive today. I’m a little ambivalent about driving. We’re excited about going to the Oregon coast and to Coos Bay/North Bend. We like seeing new places and we enjoy driving together with our home behind us. What’s the downside? It’s nice to stay a little longer, explore in more detail, relax a little more. We’re rolling today. We packed up, disconnected the utilities, hitched the trailer, and left at 1000 hours for a drive of three and a half hours to Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon. This was one of the prettiest drives we’ve had throughout the past seven weeks and we were surprised how quickly the day went.

Mid-way through the drive we pulled into a highway rest area and found several other Airstreamers. We accepted the invitation to join the coffee klatsch in the Airstream motor home hosted by Emil and Agnes. They brewed fresh coffee and provided cookies while four couples relaxed and talked a little while. It was a great break from driving.

We found ourselves in the midst of Roseburg Lumber Company in Dillard, OR. This was so surprising and impressive as we drove along an almost never-ending array of tremendous buildings. Railroad tracks run through the buildings, and varied log and lumber operations are visible throughout from the road. Roseburg’s has corporate offices on the other side of the road. They seem to make use of every part of the tree except the root.

After such warm weather in Valley of the Rogue State Park, we are relieved to find cool (if a bit rainy) weather in North Bend. North Bend is part of a small metro area with Coos Bay. We’re parked in Mill Casino’s RV Park and are delighted with the accomodations. Very clean, very attractive arrangement, and nice facilities. We had a short rest time before walking to the casino and hotel for our caravan’s dinner tonight. The dinner was prepared and served by the hotel food service staff and was excellent. We returned to our camper after a short drivers’ meeting and set up our television to watch the Olympics. It’s exciting to watch the hurdles and diving competitions!

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