Where’s The Beef?

Today was special duty for us with three other couples. We drew the assignment to prepare a cook-out for the 48 members of our Landmarks Caravan. Last night each of the four couples made two dozen deviled eggs. We shopped this morning for the groceries to feed everyone, and a few of us spent the afternoon slicing tomatoes and onions, dicing some onions for hot dogs, washing and spinning lettuce leaves, and preparing the grilles for cooking burgers and hot dogs.

The cookout went perfectly. The two Weber Q grilles were far and away the best, followed by the Weber small gas grill, then my off-brand small gas grill which collected so much grease and caught fire. We finally poured water on it and slammed the lid to allow steam to extinguish the fire. We fed everyone well and had just the right amount of food with minimal leftovers. Everyone helped clean up and we finished easily and early. We enjoyed the preparations and the cookout.

We’ve written our journey’s journal for the first year on our web site, http://dreamstreamr.com

Initially we thought we should have a web site to aggregate all the information we wanted to build about our lifestyle. We started here July 2007 and realized we might not readily be able to manage the content we wanted. So we moved to StartLogic’s web hosting services. That turned out much more interesting than we expected, much more learning than we planned, and ultimately our web site is much of what we think it should be.

After a year, we received a strong recommendation to manage our blog here instead. We are trying this out starting August 16, 2008. We plan to maintain our website, http://dreamstreamr.com, for archives and other content and maintain this location for our journal. We hope you like this change. And even more, we hope you’ll tell us if you don’t. Drop us a line at dreamstreamr at gmail.com anytime, let us know what you think. Thanks.


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