Moving Day is a Different Day

Today is so different from yesterday. Still the cup of tea and browsing in the common area between our five campers. But today we all will close up our awnings, stow our chairs, shake out and fold our rugs, hitch up the campers to the trucks, and move our camp to Medford, OR. We take our time, still. We have all morning to pack up and depart. This is similar to crowding an hour’s lesson into four hours. We’re good at this, intentionally taking our time when we can.

How did the question arise? Someone will remember, someone often will say, “it happened this way”, and sometimes noone can remember. Somehow, though, Jim pulled out his trusty Craftsman torque wrench and set out to check the wheel lugs tightness on one of the Airstreams. Oh yeah! One of our group had their Airstream wheel bearings repacked immediately before this caravan and had not rechecked the wheel lug nuts once since. Wow, that’s an invitation for failure. A few lug nuts working loose on a wheel can result in further loosening with vibration from rolling miles down the road. The tremendous forces on these five or six (depends upon wheel size) lug nuts can shear the lug nuts off. Untethered and spinning down the road at over fifty miles an hour, a wheel on its own separate course can severely damage your trailer. Worse, it can become an extremely hazardous projectile for other people on and near the highway. Scary prospect!

Jim found several lug nuts requiring tightening. Then Howard said, let’s check mine. One lug nut was a little loose. And Glen said, do you mind checking mine, too? His were all fully tight. Then Jim decided it might be tempting the fates to check three other Airstream’s lug nuts and not ours. We check our trailer’s wheel lug nuts at least monthly, more if we are driving more. We’ve been driving an extraordinary amount on this caravan and will check the tightness on the lug nuts at least weekly. It’s worth the no more than ten minutes the task needs.


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