Crater Lake

Leisurely we awoke and made our way amongst our neighbors’ campsites this morning. A cup of tea while talking with Richard and Julie, a cup of coffee with Glenn and Annie, lots of relating and laughing. Deb and I then enjoyed a cup of tea with each other, sitting in the morning sun reading. Midmorning we ate fresh fruit and yogurt on cereal with milk and worked a little while on projects.

Ghost Ship rock in Crater Lake

Six of us rode together to Crater Lake’s Cleetwood Trail for a one mile hike 724 feet down to water’s edge. Our caravan group arranged tickets for the boat tour of Crater Lake. Ranger Wendy narrated our two hour tour around the inside perimeter of the lake, describing historical and geographical facts of interest. One of the most important ones isn’t this: “Freddie Fungus and Alice Algae took a lichen to each other, but their marriage is on the rocks.” More important is how the water level is stable despite over 40 feet annual snowfall and a very large lake surface area. And how the lake is, at 1,943 feet, the deepest in North America and the seventh deepest in the world.

Ghost Ship rock in Crater Lake

A couple of caveats for the boat ride: Take at least a liter of water for each person, and sun screen and a snack or two. We had no difficulty with the hike up to the cars after the tour. One of the nice surprises was the hike was shady. Another is the trail is well-graded and has switchbacks to reduce the steepness. Everyone in our group made it back up without incident. Our group drove the perimeter of the lake with a few scenic overlook stops and a stop by the Crater Lake Lodge. The views were astounding, both over the lake and out across the expanse of Crater Lake National Park. The boat tour was a good way to learn about Crater Lake and was, for us, nicer than the drive around the perimeter road.


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  1. This is our first wordpress blog after starting full-timing. We wrote one earlier, in anticipation of quitting work and beginning travels. Exciting times . . .


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